The services we offer:

Микроблейдинг вежди

Eyebrows microblading

Completely natural look due to the “hair strokes” method.

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грим вежди

Semi-permanent eyebrows

This machine method contributes to a thicker and ordered eyebrows

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грим вежди

Semi-permanent eyebrows – shadowing

For thight brows with “powder” or “ombré” effect.

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грим очна линия

Semi-permanent eyeliner

Emphasizes the beauty of the eye and eyelashes. It seems natural even without makeup.

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перманентен грим

Semi-permanent lips contour

Suitable for people with scars or large asymmetry of the lips, made with a pigment close to the natural color of the lining.

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грим 3D устни

Semi-permanent 3D lips makeup

Suitable for pale lips that have lost their healthy look. It gives them a slight natural shade.

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Mикропигментация ареоли

Micropigmentation of the areola

Procedure for the concealing of post-operative signs or a complete reconstruction of the areolas.

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Микропигментация скалп

Scalp micropigmentation

By hair loss we draw fine dots resembling budding hair.

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Preparational professional consultation for our procedures.

Микропигментация скалп

Permanent makeup correction

Procedure to correct the old semipermanent
makeup and apply new

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With our semi-permanent makeup procedures we can offer you a variety of transformation options. You can finally get the eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of or that beautiful full lips just after 2 visits. Pre-consultation and professional assistance in choosing color and shape are part of the procedure. This saves hours in front of the mirror and the result is always a natural and healthy look!